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I have decided to do practical activity 1 for the final exam practical activities portion. Practical Activity 1 reads as

1. The chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education (IBE) is trying to decide whether CIS0835 should continue next semester or be terminated. The IBE has asked for your opinion, as a recent student of the class, as to what to do. Please write a persuasive letter to the Intergalactic Board of Education stating your opinion on the matter.

Dear Intergalactic Board of Eduction,

I believe that the class CIS0835 should continue to be taught next semester. I think this because, as a student at Temple University Japan Campus, I can honestly say that the majority of the classes I have taken at TUJ so far have felt completely useless. I feel that I have learned little to nothing at all when in the means of learning about things that I need to learn about in the future. I am a bit of a special case because of my job having a lack of College majors that are actually directed towards it… in fact. There are absolutely no college majors that are even remotely close to what I actually need in life. But, I am going to try and speak on the behalf of my friends in college with me whom I also hear complaining about how they aren’t learning anything useful in class. They say that they constantly are wondering why they have to take so many different kinds of required classes that aren’t even related to their major, not to mention aren’t even related to current things in society. The world has changed very dramatically in the past couple of years, and it’s quite obvious that colleges and universities have been completely oblivious to this change. They continue to teach classes about jobs that aren’t going to be here in 5-10 years because of how out dated they are. Everything that needs to be taught is things that revolve around computers and technology. Technology is the future, whether you like it or not, it is. This is where CIS is a very useful course because it teaches you the beginnings of the internet all the way to how it is currently. The internet right now is probably one of the most useful tolls that a computer can access. You can do things on the internet that are just impossible outside of technology. And as for every day use of this class, we have been required to create a blog and use it for the class. I have now created a blog for my job and know exactly what to expect because of this class. IE, useful.

That is why I think this class should still be continued to be taught here at TUJ.


– Shinya