This is the “Is Social Networking a Different Language?”DS106 writing assignment. The directions read as follows…

Some professionals believe the language we use on social networking sights is different from everyday language. They say this because of the words like g2g, ttul that we use on a consistent basis over text messaging, aim, and Facebook messenger. Write a short paper on this topic. Be sure to include some of the saying we use, which one’s you understand and don’t understand, and most of all discuss if social networking language is in fact different from our every day language.

So, this really intrigued me because of the amount of Social Networking that I do on a daily basis. I think it’s almost sad how much Social Networking we do now days without even realizing it. I always find myself checking my Facebook and Twitter every 5 minutes or so even if I know that I don’t have a notification. So, in short. Is Social Networking a Different Language? No. And here’s why. All of the language that we use on Social Networking websites is not technically speaking made up. All of the major shortened Social Networking language, that I am aware of, have basic english roots. Things like LOL, GTG, TTUL, all are normal english that we just shortened to make it quicker to type. I’m sure there are a few words or expressions used in the Social Network society that are entirely made up, but the majority are definitely still english. From a grammatical point of view, they are definitely not right. But, from a word point of view, they are certainly still words that make expressions that we use in every day life. Thus, I think that Social Networking is definitely not a different language. Just a standard language adapted to fit how fast things happen over the internet. – Shinya