Well hey guys, I’m having to write this in 10 minutes because I’m currently in Japanese class and we have a 15 minute brake. So I’m not so sure how good this will be… to begin. My favorite line from the reading was

But that wasn’t progress. It was a mere ‘digital facelift’ – Clay Shirky’s phrase for the strategies the newspapers pursued in the 1990’s when they couldn’t ‘think the unthinkable’ and see that their entire world was about to change.

I like this quote the best. I think it’s somewhat comical, and I like comical things. But, on a more serious note. I like how it was written. It was written in a very sarcastic way, which I also like. I like how he was almost making fun of newspapers for kind of thinking that they could “get with the program” with the whole digital age. They were definitely not able to do so, from my understanding. The so called “face lift ” that the newspaper companies tried to do was a total failure from the sound of it.

Although, I found it very hard to describe many of the quotes in this reading, this was the one that I thought I could do the best. I think that this reading makes sense but, is very difficult to understand the first time reading it. You have to almost read it three or four times just to get a decent understanding. Even then, I feel like I don’t really understand. Hopefully this is good enough.

Shinya Out.