This is my third DS106 assignment for this section. It is under the mashup assignments and is named Consumer Mashup. The directions read as;

Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want.

I had a few ideas of places that I constantly spend money at here in Japan. But I couldn’t think of a single product that I consistently buy. Then it hit me, I have to pay for my train ride to and from school everyday! That will be perfect. My commuter pass is from 東急蒲田駅 (Tokyu Kamata Station) to 新宿御苑前駅 (Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station). So I spend about 390円 ($4.89) to commute to and from school.

Similar to my last DS106 assignment. I opened some programs… and queued the music!  I took the 東京メトロ (Tokyo Metro) since I take both Tokyo Metro and Tokyu Corperation to get to school but, Tokyo Metro is more well known. I then took a picture of the item I use to ride the trains, which is the Pasmo card, and got to brainstorming. After not having any ideas come to my head for about 10 minutes. I finally decided to put the Pasmo Card within the Tokyo Metros “M” logo. This is the end result.

Tokyo Metro Pasmo Mashup

Tokyo Metro and Pasmo Mashup

Hopefully you enjoyed! Shinya Out!