So for my second DS106 assignment I decided to do the design project named “Cartoon You.” The directions read;

  • Remake you (or someone you know and love) into a cartoon character. Draw you on a piece of paper, on a tablet, take a photo and use software to convert it to comic book style, or use online programs to create a cartoon version of your character. Extra bonus points if you can come up with an origin story or add comic book elements to your final image.

This assignment seemed very intriguing to me because I have done some computer illustrations of myself back in Highschool design classes that reminded me of cartoons. So i thought i’d do the same thing here.

The process;

The process was pretty straight forward. I opened up my 8000 song songbird music player. Opened up Adobe Illustrator CS5. And queued the music! After about 5 hours of work I finished my piece! It’s not amazing, but bear in mind I haven’t played around in Illustrator for at least a year now.

Carton version of myself

Cartoon version of myself

It said we got bonus points if we add comic book elements to your final image. I’ve never really read any comic books. So i added a rising sun, video camera and film to the photo. Hopefully that will suffice!

Shinya Out!