Hey guys, this is going to be my blog post for Group 5’s infographic on Internet Addiction. The infographic is below. I will probably edit this in the morning and just make it a link to the graphic, but I’m on my iPod and this is the best I can do at the moment.

Internet Addiction Infographic

Internet Addiction Infographic

So my job for this infographic was to evaluate sections 4-6. I’m going to split them up and reflect on them.

Section 4;
So section 4 reads “Surveys of Adults revealed.” I found this to be pretty interesting. The percentages did not add up to 100% so I assume there’s some sort of information problem. That being said, a similar amount of Adults said that they found it difficult to not have the Internet, as to those that felt they needed to spend less time on it. This is pretty obvious, people are addicted. They want to get off but they just can’t. This is not a problem with adults only, I’m like this as well, and I know a lot of other people that are the same way. It also stated that 5.9% of Adults thought that it effected their relationships in a negative. This I can also understand. As humans, we make mistakes. In the past we could hide these from our significant other, but now they are written in ink. To use a quote from The Social Network Movie, “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” This quote proves this statement in a way. She was quite angry with him after being called a few things on the Internet by him, the same can happen to everyone else. The most interesting thing was the 8.7% of adults that tried to hide their Internet usage. I find this odd. I realize that some people don’t like to be seen on the internet but, if you are not on a social network site, I’m not sure what there would be to be embarrassed. I don’t think I’ve ever hidden what I do on the Internet from my friends and family. Then again, I’ve grown up with it.

Section 5;
Titled “Gender affects the types of Internet addiction, but does not affect the risks.” This section does not surprise me all that much. It states that men are, “More addicted to games, pr0n, and online gaming.” This is pretty much true. Most gamers I know are guys. Guys think about sex a lot. And we tend to like taking risks such as gambling. As for the Womens side, it states, “More women are addicted to chatting, instant messaging, eBay, and online shopping.” I’m not a girl so I can’t be 100% sure of this. But, from what i’ve attained about girls in my short 18 year life, is that women tend to be more social, they like to talk, and they like to shop. Although these are just generalizations, I apologize if they are offensive.

Section 6;
Section 6 covers “Countries with the highest number of Internet users.” This section was also not so surprising to me. The countries in order from most users to lesser amount of users goes as follows; China, US, Japan, India, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France, South Korea. At first glance I was quite surprised by a few of the countries (China, India and Brazil mostly) but, I quickly applied some logic to this. It appears that the countries that have a higher population, seem to have more users. As for percentages of users in each country, that varies. But, the rankings don’t really surprise me all that much.

Well, that should wrap it up. Be sure to check out Bryan N, John C, Hajara A, and Yuka Ks blog for their thoughts on the other sections of the infographic. Shinya Out.

PS. I will edit a few things in the morning when I am able to get on my computer. Don’t want to get out of bed at the moment and do them.