Well hello there! My name is Shinya Michimi and I am a student at Temple University Japan Campus in Tokyo Japan. I am 18 and drive race cars for Toyota in their Toyota Young Drivers Program. I’ve been an active user of Facebook, Twitter and have a Youtube account. And that’s about it.

So for my first post. I was asked to define the internet. The internet is something that honestly can’t really be defined. The abilities that the internet has is just so much greater than I think anybody thinks. Lets be honest here, we can do A LOT on the internet with the way it is right now. But, in about 15 years. Who knows what it will be able to do. Currently, i’d say the internet is a awesome tool, you can connect to anyone in any part of the world. It allows news to spread, good or bad. And is an awesome form of free speech. That’s about the shortest I think you can define it.