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First DS106 Assignment

Hey guys! After being completely confused about what I need to do, I think i’ve finally got things under way. So for my first DS106 assignment I have decided to do the assignment named “Way Back Time Machine.” The instructions will be posted below. This seemed extremely interesting to me because i’ve known that websites change often, but I never really thought of going back and analyzing what exactly has changed.

“Using the Way Back Time Machine website on Internet Archive, take screen shots of a favorite website overtime. Then, look at how the website has changed for better and worse. Blog about what makes a website effective and how that changes.” – DS106 site.

So the Website I have chosen to do is Formula 1‘s official website. I check it about 2 times a day and have never really thought of how the website has changed until I read this assignment idea.

This is what the Website looked like in 1998. It’s pretty interesting to see how limited everything was “back in the day.” There was absolutely no flash, the website layout was not so stylish and the width of the page was not very wide. Seeing the old names that were in Formula 1 is also very 懐かしい。

The year 2000 is when you see the next somewhat major change to the site. As you can see above the first thing I noticed was the change in the color of the background. Although i’m not sure why they decided to go with a plain white background it definitely catches your eye right away. Maybe white was the “In” color or something back in 2000. To add, the layout of the website seems to be much easier to read than the previous version and everything has a proper place.

The year 2003 is when we see the over all layout of the website completely changed. Things have been moved around quite a bit. Personally I find this layout much more annoying. Things are still in an orderly fashion but, it just doesn’t seem to flow well for me. This is also the biggest change in the types of things being used in the site. Looking at the coding, it seems that there is a bit of DHTML, Active buttons, pictures, ect ect for those of you who don’t know what DHTML is. The F1 Logo has also been changed from basic type to a proper image now as well.

The 2004 changes are pretty major as well. Actively uses artistic buttons with pictures and artistic layouts. With a nice “toolbar” like effect on the top showing little cut outs of all of the tracks being run in the series is also a big addition. A DHTML countdown has been added to the top of the page as well to get you excited for the next upcoming session in Formula 1.

The 2007 iteration is the second most recent iteration. I started to check the site daily by this point and this is the format that I initially got really accustomed to. With a much more focused layout this is the beginning of what I think is still the best layout. You have a nice simple, easy design, that is also easy on your eyes to look at. Soft colors along with basic text and boxes containing the text makes this the most reader friendly of all of the previous iterations. The “toolbar” on the top is also very basic and very easy to figure out.

Now on to the most current version of the site. Although the basic layout is very similar to the version from 2007 there are some minor things that are changed that personally make me think it looks worse. The whole layout, to start with, looks way more futuristic. Using what is normally a nice combination of contrasting colors to make things that they want your eyes to find easier. They have a great big ad for various Formula 1 licensed products near the top of the page to really capture your attention. Personally I don’t really like the layout. I think that it looks prettier, but for some reason the 2007 suits me better. Maybe that’s just because it’s what I started with.

So what makes a site effective. I think the most important thing for a website designer is to make sure of two things.

1. Easy to use interface

2. Visually pleasing design

Although these two things sound pretty straight forward, they are much much harder to achieve than most people might think. Between finding the correct color combinations. Spending days thinking of the best layout and design for the site. And making the site easy to use, even for people who may not use the internet or even computers very much. I know just how hard this is, I run my own website and designed it. I spent a few days just trying to decide where I wanted what. And I can’t even imagine what these massive corporations do.

That’s pretty much my thoughts on the subject. See you guys next time. Late.


Well hello there! My name is Shinya Michimi and I am a student at Temple University Japan Campus in Tokyo Japan. I am 18 and drive race cars for Toyota in their Toyota Young Drivers Program. I’ve been an active user of Facebook, Twitter and have a Youtube account. And that’s about it.

So for my first post. I was asked to define the internet. The internet is something that honestly can’t really be defined. The abilities that the internet has is just so much greater than I think anybody thinks. Lets be honest here, we can do A LOT on the internet with the way it is right now. But, in about 15 years. Who knows what it will be able to do. Currently, i’d say the internet is a awesome tool, you can connect to anyone in any part of the world. It allows news to spread, good or bad. And is an awesome form of free speech. That’s about the shortest I think you can define it.