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This is the “Is Social Networking a Different Language?”DS106 writing assignment. The directions read as follows…

Some professionals believe the language we use on social networking sights is different from everyday language. They say this because of the words like g2g, ttul that we use on a consistent basis over text messaging, aim, and Facebook messenger. Write a short paper on this topic. Be sure to include some of the saying we use, which one’s you understand and don’t understand, and most of all discuss if social networking language is in fact different from our every day language.

So, this really intrigued me because of the amount of Social Networking that I do on a daily basis. I think it’s almost sad how much Social Networking we do now days without even realizing it. I always find myself checking my Facebook and Twitter every 5 minutes or so even if I know that I don’t have a notification. So, in short. Is Social Networking a Different Language? No. And here’s why. All of the language that we use on Social Networking websites is not technically speaking made up. All of the major shortened Social Networking language, that I am aware of, have basic english roots. Things like LOL, GTG, TTUL, all are normal english that we just shortened to make it quicker to type. I’m sure there are a few words or expressions used in the Social Network society that are entirely made up, but the majority are definitely still english. From a grammatical point of view, they are definitely not right. But, from a word point of view, they are certainly still words that make expressions that we use in every day life. Thus, I think that Social Networking is definitely not a different language. Just a standard language adapted to fit how fast things happen over the internet. – Shinya



Well hey guys, I’m having to write this in 10 minutes because I’m currently in Japanese class and we have a 15 minute brake. So I’m not so sure how good this will be… to begin. My favorite line from the reading was

But that wasn’t progress. It was a mere ‘digital facelift’ – Clay Shirky’s phrase for the strategies the newspapers pursued in the 1990’s when they couldn’t ‘think the unthinkable’ and see that their entire world was about to change.

I like this quote the best. I think it’s somewhat comical, and I like comical things. But, on a more serious note. I like how it was written. It was written in a very sarcastic way, which I also like. I like how he was almost making fun of newspapers for kind of thinking that they could “get with the program” with the whole digital age. They were definitely not able to do so, from my understanding. The so called “face lift ” that the newspaper companies tried to do was a total failure from the sound of it.

Although, I found it very hard to describe many of the quotes in this reading, this was the one that I thought I could do the best. I think that this reading makes sense but, is very difficult to understand the first time reading it. You have to almost read it three or four times just to get a decent understanding. Even then, I feel like I don’t really understand. Hopefully this is good enough.

Shinya Out.

Web 2.0 response and thoughts

Well guys, seeing that I have about 2 hours before the deadline for our blog posts. I guess I can’t procrastinate doing this write up any longer. The reading itself is very confusing but, i’m going to give it my best shot. So here we go!

So, as a basic understanding, I believe that the biggest difference from Web 1.0 to 2.0 is the difference in the ability of the user, rather than the ability of the creator. I personally never really used the internet before the 2004 time frame. So, I did not get much time using the Web 1.0 platform. I started using the internet when it was in the early Web 2.0 stage, i think. I ended up looking up some older pictures of websites (mainly the ones that were listed on the graph on the first page of the article). The biggest difference I noticed, was that the Web 1.0 style seemed to be more of a “here’s information, use it,” sort of feel. While now with Web 2.0 it’s more of a “Here’s a tool that you can use and change how you like it.” In fact, at this very moment I am using one of the very inventions of Web 2.0. The ability to create my own blog and post on it how ever I like without having to own my own server to do so. With Web 2.0 you have the ability to interactively use the internet. While before, all you could do was view it. This has been the biggest difference to me. This is also why the internet has become so much more widely used. Before, the only incentive to use the internet was to look up something for a project or for work. But now, the internet is used for that and so much more. It has become a place where you can loiter. Loitering’s cool, that’s why the user creation portion has grown so rapidly. The more you use it, the more you interact, the more you want to use it and the more you are going to have to use it.

That’s just my short 2 cents. Hope you enjoyed! Shinya out.

DS106: Consumer Mashup

This is my third DS106 assignment for this section. It is under the mashup assignments and is named Consumer Mashup. The directions read as;

Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want.

I had a few ideas of places that I constantly spend money at here in Japan. But I couldn’t think of a single product that I consistently buy. Then it hit me, I have to pay for my train ride to and from school everyday! That will be perfect. My commuter pass is from 東急蒲田駅 (Tokyu Kamata Station) to 新宿御苑前駅 (Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station). So I spend about 390円 ($4.89) to commute to and from school.

Similar to my last DS106 assignment. I opened some programs… and queued the music!  I took the 東京メトロ (Tokyo Metro) since I take both Tokyo Metro and Tokyu Corperation to get to school but, Tokyo Metro is more well known. I then took a picture of the item I use to ride the trains, which is the Pasmo card, and got to brainstorming. After not having any ideas come to my head for about 10 minutes. I finally decided to put the Pasmo Card within the Tokyo Metros “M” logo. This is the end result.

Tokyo Metro Pasmo Mashup

Tokyo Metro and Pasmo Mashup

Hopefully you enjoyed! Shinya Out!

So for my second DS106 assignment I decided to do the design project named “Cartoon You.” The directions read;

  • Remake you (or someone you know and love) into a cartoon character. Draw you on a piece of paper, on a tablet, take a photo and use software to convert it to comic book style, or use online programs to create a cartoon version of your character. Extra bonus points if you can come up with an origin story or add comic book elements to your final image.

This assignment seemed very intriguing to me because I have done some computer illustrations of myself back in Highschool design classes that reminded me of cartoons. So i thought i’d do the same thing here.

The process;

The process was pretty straight forward. I opened up my 8000 song songbird music player. Opened up Adobe Illustrator CS5. And queued the music! After about 5 hours of work I finished my piece! It’s not amazing, but bear in mind I haven’t played around in Illustrator for at least a year now.

Carton version of myself

Cartoon version of myself

It said we got bonus points if we add comic book elements to your final image. I’ve never really read any comic books. So i added a rising sun, video camera and film to the photo. Hopefully that will suffice!

Shinya Out!

DS106: Car Lust

So, this is my first DS106 assignment for this segment of the class. The instructions, in simple, is to find a picture of your favorite car and explain why. I have seen a few people do this in the past couple of days, and being the car buff that I am, I couldn’t resist.

Dacia Sandero

This is my dream car! THE ONE AND ONLY DACIA SANDERO! Actually i’m just kidding. If you are a fan of Top Gear, then you will understand why I did this, otherwise you will be lost. Give me a shoutout in the comments if you are a Top Gear Fan! In all seriousness, deciding on a favorite car was very difficult. There’s so many that I want. If I were rich, I honestly think that my garage of cars would be so much larger than the house itself. But I think this would definitely be top on my list.

Alpina B3 S Biturbo

I know… WOAH! LIKE DUDE, NOT A FERRARI OR LAMBO… WHAT IS YO PROBLEM?!?!?!?!?!? It’s called an Alpina B3 S Biturbo Coupe Switch-Tronic. For those of you saying, “That’s a BMW. Are you on drugs?” Yes, it was originally a BMW, in fact not even the top of the line M model. It’s just a basic 3 series right? Again, wrong. This bad boy has a 3 litre In Line 6 twin turbo charged engine. All this produces around 400 HP. The most astonishing thing to me is, this thing handles better than a M3. I don’t how much you guys know about cars, but the M3 is constantly acclaimed as one of the best handling production cars. BMW has been known for it. My father owns an E46 M3 and i’ve gotten the opportunity to drive it hard on a track before. Let me tell you, it handles like a dream. You can get a really good slip and angle in corners and the car is extremely forgiving if you transfer too much weight too quickly or carry too much speed. This bad boy, is supposed to be better than that. How? Beats me.

So how does this car make me feel. It makes me feel LIKE A BOSS. (god, embarrassed that I said that now). But, it’s got the speed of a sports car tuned by a private tuning company, and still has the style and class that BMW has recently had. You can drive to the nurburgring in it comfortable, stay in the same car, and run a blistering lap around the nordschleife. It’s perfect. It’s not too loud and obnoxious, and it doesn’t scream I HAVE TONS OF MONEY LOOK AT ME! Like most Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

That about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed. Shinya Out.

ps: I don’t hate Ferrari and Lamborghini. In fact I love them, they make some fantastic cars. The 458 is probably one of the all time greatest cars. It’s fast and it looks properly good. I just wouldn’t really want one.

Images and information came from the following places:

Dacia Sandero Image

Alpina B3 S BiTurbo Info

Alpina B3 S BiTurbo Photo

Hey guys, this is going to be my blog post for Group 5’s infographic on Internet Addiction. The infographic is below. I will probably edit this in the morning and just make it a link to the graphic, but I’m on my iPod and this is the best I can do at the moment.

Internet Addiction Infographic

Internet Addiction Infographic

So my job for this infographic was to evaluate sections 4-6. I’m going to split them up and reflect on them.

Section 4;
So section 4 reads “Surveys of Adults revealed.” I found this to be pretty interesting. The percentages did not add up to 100% so I assume there’s some sort of information problem. That being said, a similar amount of Adults said that they found it difficult to not have the Internet, as to those that felt they needed to spend less time on it. This is pretty obvious, people are addicted. They want to get off but they just can’t. This is not a problem with adults only, I’m like this as well, and I know a lot of other people that are the same way. It also stated that 5.9% of Adults thought that it effected their relationships in a negative. This I can also understand. As humans, we make mistakes. In the past we could hide these from our significant other, but now they are written in ink. To use a quote from The Social Network Movie, “The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” This quote proves this statement in a way. She was quite angry with him after being called a few things on the Internet by him, the same can happen to everyone else. The most interesting thing was the 8.7% of adults that tried to hide their Internet usage. I find this odd. I realize that some people don’t like to be seen on the internet but, if you are not on a social network site, I’m not sure what there would be to be embarrassed. I don’t think I’ve ever hidden what I do on the Internet from my friends and family. Then again, I’ve grown up with it.

Section 5;
Titled “Gender affects the types of Internet addiction, but does not affect the risks.” This section does not surprise me all that much. It states that men are, “More addicted to games, pr0n, and online gaming.” This is pretty much true. Most gamers I know are guys. Guys think about sex a lot. And we tend to like taking risks such as gambling. As for the Womens side, it states, “More women are addicted to chatting, instant messaging, eBay, and online shopping.” I’m not a girl so I can’t be 100% sure of this. But, from what i’ve attained about girls in my short 18 year life, is that women tend to be more social, they like to talk, and they like to shop. Although these are just generalizations, I apologize if they are offensive.

Section 6;
Section 6 covers “Countries with the highest number of Internet users.” This section was also not so surprising to me. The countries in order from most users to lesser amount of users goes as follows; China, US, Japan, India, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France, South Korea. At first glance I was quite surprised by a few of the countries (China, India and Brazil mostly) but, I quickly applied some logic to this. It appears that the countries that have a higher population, seem to have more users. As for percentages of users in each country, that varies. But, the rankings don’t really surprise me all that much.

Well, that should wrap it up. Be sure to check out Bryan N, John C, Hajara A, and Yuka Ks blog for their thoughts on the other sections of the infographic. Shinya Out.

PS. I will edit a few things in the morning when I am able to get on my computer. Don’t want to get out of bed at the moment and do them.

The State Of The Internet 1

So hey guys, I know we are supposed to do some blogs about the current topic in class. But, seeing that we really haven’t had a topic for the “State Of The Net” portion of class i’m not 100% sure what I need to be blogging about with it. So, I’m just going to ramble on about well “The State Of The Net” as I see it. Hopefully this isn’t too dreary for you.

So, where do I think the internet is at right now… that’s a really difficult question. Almost rhetorical. It’s the same as technology, we try to evaluate what state technology is in right now… then BAM! Something new comes out the next week that totally revolutionizes what we thought was even possible. You buy a new computer, a few weeks later, it’s inferior. Truly amazing how something that took literally a few thousand years to figure out has literally exploded with possibilites in a matter of 100 years or less. Looking at old computer specs is a joke. My current Mac Book Pro is not what I would consider a very powerful computer when you look at it compared to other current computers but, to computers from even 3 or 4 years ago it absolutely blows them away. I find that pretty astonishing.

The Internet is the same way to me. I did the “Way Back Time Machine” DS106 assignment last section and it was pretty sweet to see the completely different style and tech that was used now and back in the day. Starting from everything practically being text, and now everything has some sort of dhtml script, html5, flash, or quicktime running. If you don’t know what those are, those are the things that change actions without having to load a new screen. Not to mention the ability to be able to multi task certain things, look up anything you could have ever imagine in the blink of and eye, download your favorite CD off itunes, watch a video on youtube from a completely different side of the planet minutes after it has just been uploaded. It’s all grown so quickly in the past 4 to 5 years very similar to how technology itself has been. It’s going to be really wicked to see where things will be soon. Heck, I’d be willing to bet that next year there’s going to be some mind blowing things.

As for what could happen to the Internet. I think the future of the internet really just has to rely on the fate of SOPA and PIPA at the moment. I’m personally not a fan of them because they are just way too powerful in my opinion. On the surface they look really good, get rid of piracy. But, after watching some videos online from lawyers not involved in the movement warning people that there are so many underlying things in the writing that it is very dangerous. I could go and list them, but there’s so many. You’d be better off going and watching this video to get better information about what SOPA and PIPA do. If these get passed, I hate to say it. But the internet will be done.

Well, that about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed the post. And, hope the post was doing something in the right direction. Do let me know in the comments though!

– Shinya Out.

The Daily Create 09/02/2012

This is the Daily Create for February 9th 2012. The instruction was to,

Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment of your life

This for me was quite hard. I’m a happy kid, don’t get me wrong. But finding that moment that you just felt like so much more was something that took me honestly all night to think of. I ended up coming up with this. It said “create” so I motion blurred the image a bit in photoshop before posting. But, this is the first time that I left the garage in a proper formula car. And I must say, so many emotions went through my head and body that I honestly couldn’t even begin to describe it. Definitely one of the best moments of my life.

Daily Create 09/02/2012Hope you enjoyed. Shinya Out.

The Daily Create 08/02/2012

This is my daily create for the 8th of February 2012. I always manage to lose things in that crack in between your bed and your side table. Can’t tell you how many times i’ve found my phone there after falling asleep with it on the bed.

<img src="Daily Create 08/02/2012” alt=”Daily Create 08_02_2012″ />